Sunday, October 20, 2013

Motor Club of America will change the away you see the world

Mca Scam from the ripoff report

Motor Club of America was found by William W. Green, who was born in 1900s in Atlantic City, NJ. Then twenty six years later he became the Chief Executive Officer of Motor Club of America until 1986. When I was doing research before I joined be cause just like I thought of the mca scam, I read an article in the rip off report web page stating that an affiliate that signed with Mac in 1990s and is now receiving over $400k per in residual income. With this information available and people still think of the company as mca scam. How do i know because I was one of those people, before joining I refuse to believe that a company can pay you so much money and get rich quick. Often masking the real company that is definitely not a mca scam. They offer benefits from a variety of prices.

Where the term Mca scam came from

  It seems like a scam because affiliates aren't promoting correctly. People who have joined under sponsors who are making so much money and are signing people up by the day.Which also gives Mca scam image. If the sponsor are too busy to train $1400 to $2500 worth of sign ups weekly. This creates chain link of people who have been converted to sales by the sponsors system and now want to see money. They don't even know how to properly promote the company therefore end up desperate eventually freak out and start spamming away telling others that they will make money as well. They use money shots to attract attention, getting the wrong type of people causing them to fail and makes the experience with mca unpleasant.

The real Mca Scam.

  Be careful who you sign under or it might as well be a Mca scam, remember what they are promising you. They are promising you quick money and  wealth by paying $40.00 when they really should be promising how they will train you to market the company properly so you can make those 400 hundred dollars per day from home which in fact is possible. If all sponsors would do their job right not just sign them up then send them one email on what paper work should send Mca and never contact them again the mca scam term wouldn't be used against mca. Most of these sponsors are using old fashioned marketing which still works but not as efficient or as lucrative as online marketing which also give Motor club of America is sometimes referred to as mca scam.

I was able to be successful with Motor Club of America proving that Mca Scam is actually a misunderstanding as many people are joining but are not being trained properly by their sponsors.

If you are interested in joining make sure you join under someone who has an effective system to be successful.

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Here's a video on my experience with Mca  

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